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You don’t have to wait for Halloween to create this adorable popsicle stick monsters with your kids. This is one of those kids crafts they’ll be ready to “scare” up any time of the year.

Popsicle Stick Monsters Are So Fun to Make

I don’t know about you, but my kids are into monsters any time of the year. It’s not all about Halloween. For example, we just watched Young Frankenstein again… and again and again. Maybe that’s why Em (the six-year-old) wanted to do a fun craft. Even J.D. (11-years-old) wanted to join in some monster-making fun.

Off to the computer I went and spent some time compiling a bunch of popsicle stick crafts kids will love. And they are so easy to make and sure to provoke gales of giggles and laughs.

As popsicle stick projects go, these popsicle Stick Monsters are keeper ideas. If you’re not ready to make these crafts today, or anytime soon, make sure file the link to this page. Or better yet, download it as a PDF and keep in in your craft file for future use.

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What You’ll Need to Create These Adorable Monsters

Curvy Popsicle Sticks | Washable Paints | Googly Eyes

Oh, and don’t forget the glue!

When you think “monsters,” I bet this next guy is what you come up with first…

Frankenstein Popsicle Stick Monster



I love crazy looking monsters and this little guy coming definitely fits that bill…

A Little Blue Monster Popsicle Monster


If you and the kids love Minions, you also love creating them in popsicle sticks…

Minion Monsters Stick Together

Popsicle Stick Minions - Kid Craft


These next monsters were created as a Valentine’s Day project, I’d love them any time of the year…

Love-Stick Monsters – Can You Say Too Cute


Did you know you can combine monster making with learning – love this idea…

Scissor Teeth Popsicle Monsters Like to Count

Super cute idea. Students could make their own math monsters with popsicle sticks.


These single stick, big-eyed (and multi-eyed) monster are super easy for young kids…

Green-Eyed Monsters in Single Style

Halloween Craft Monster Stick Puppets


This next monsters use construction paper, glue and lots of imagination…

Paper Monster Puppets Popsicle Stick Projects

Use craft sticks and construction paper to make an endless assortment of silly popsicle stick monsters!


Can you tell that these next monsters are happy…

Fun Paper and Popsicle Stick Monsters

These fun paint smash monster puppets are a great book inspired craft for kids for a monster-themed book. Fun monster craft and kids process art activity.


This next guy reminds me of a character from Monsters, Inc

Pink Monster Cutie

Create this popsicle stick monster craft to go along with a fun Halloween book, The Spooky Wheels on the Bus. #Halloween #PopsicleStickCrafts #crafts #monster #SpookyWheelsontheBus #bookcraft #kidsactivities #kidcrafts


Are you wondering how to make these guys – Well here a helpful how-to…

How to Make Popsicle Stick Crafts Kids Will Love


I don’t know about you, but all this monster creating is making my hungry – glad I found this tutorial…

Edible Oreo Monsters on a Stick

Kids can help with every step of these easy no-bake Monster Face Oreo Pops!


To create these yummy monsters, you’ll also need:

candy melts | edible eyes | jimmies

If you want to learn how to do more than just popsicle monsters, check out this next book…

Craft Stick Mania can be found at Amazon

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Click to download this post as a PDF & save to your craft wish list

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