Amazing Dollar Store Decor Ideas | DIY Crafts for Home

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These dollar store decor ideas are truly amazing. I’ve rounded up some of the cheapest, easiest, must-have DIY crafts for home decorating. Wanna see…

Dollar Store Decor Ideas - DIY Crafts for Home

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You’ll be amazed how a funky burner cover is turned into a beauty of a mirror…

Floral Ugly Burner Plate to Handsome Captain’s Mirror


Did you know you can create a high-end looking basket with a plastic basket and rope…

From Utilitarian Basket to Rope Basket (aka Pier One-like)

Turn cheap Dollar Tree storage bins into lined woven baskets that look like they came from Pier 1. All you need is some fabric, rope, and a glue gun.


You’re not going to believe how simple this next dollar store project is to create…

From Plain Voltive Candle to Sparkle and WOW!


I had to take a second look to see if what I was reading was the real deal (it is!)…

From Dollar Store Frame to Awesome Hurrican Lantern


You’re friends will think you spend gobs of money on this next project…

From Cheap Light Bulbs to Elegant Twine Pears

"DIY Twine Pears"


I might consider doing this project coming up in metallic paint to awesome it up…

From Cheap Plastic Toys to Unique Bookends

Plastic Elephant Bookends from #diy #book


As dollar store decor ideas go, this next one has to be at the top of the list…

From Simple White Bowls to Classy Tiered Planter


What’s my number one crafting supply? You’ll see it next…


E6000 5510310 Craft Adhesive Mini (4 Pack) found on Amazon

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No glue needed for this project below, but spray paint and vinyl number decals would are needed…

From Cheap, Colorful Buckets to Chic Storage Containers

Dollar Tree Buckets To Chic Decor : Just Vintage Home


You’re not going to believe how easy these Ombre flower vases are to create…

From Ordinary Glass Vase to Extraordinary Ombre Flower Vase

Dollar Store Ombre Vases | Dollar Stores | DIY Projects | DIY Dollar Store Party Decor | Ombre Glitter Vase Centerpiece | DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas


I’m not kidding, this mom used old granola boxes and a $1 roll of vinyl paper for this next craft…

From About to be Thrown Out Granola Bar Boxes to Classy Wall Art


Put a couple of dollar store trinkets together and see what you get…

From Glass & Plastic Trinkets to Beautiful Pewter Pedestal Bowl



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